Those folks looking for more details about the Braselton LifePath — a project of the town’s Community Improvement District (CID) — will someday have more information at their fingertips. The CID board of directors plans to develop a website promoting the LifePath — and businesses along the 1.7-mile multi-use trail along Ga. Hwy. 211 and Thompson Mill Road.

But first, the CID has to finalize a logo for the LifePath before moving forward with plans for a potential website and other promotional materials, such as brochures.

Already, the LifePath is getting some interest from area residents and other property owners not in the CID, according to Braselton town manager Jennifer Dees.

“I’m getting a lot of inquiries about the LifePath and where it’s going to go,” said Dees, who also serves on the CID’s board of directors.

Those calls include residents from subdivisions in the Braselton area asking for more information about the LifePath and property owners not in the self-taxing district.

Once it launches a website, the CID may post information about the route of the LifePath with a map, construction plans, contacts and details about businesses on the path.

The Braselton CID was established among the owners of 24 commercial properties along Ga. Hwy. 211. The group’s main — and so far, only — project is the construction of the LifePath.

Once completed, the LifePath will connect area residents to businesses along the 10-foot wide trail that will accommodate pedestrians and those driving golf carts.

The LifePath will be installed in existing rights-of-way along Ga. Hwy. 211 from the Liberty Village development to the RiverStone Park subdivision. It will also continue down Thompson Mill Road (Ga. Hwy. 347) past a residential gate to Chateau Elan and a new hospital to eventually connect to The Village at Deaton Creek. The LifePath will further extend down a small section of Liberty Church Road to the Braselton Mulberry RiverWalk at the Barrow/Jackson county line.

The first segment of the LifePath along Thompson Mill Road — from the Gates of Braselton subdivision to the intersection of Ga. Hwy. 211 — remains officially unopened.

The concrete of that portion of the LifePath was poured in too high of temperature, according to CID administrator Guy Herring. It will have to be demolished by the contractor and concrete poured again.

The Braselton Visitors Bureau Authority is using Gwinnett County sales tax revenue to fund the first segment of the LifePath.

On Monday, Sept. 12, the board of directors learned that plans to relocate a utility pole at the intersection of Ga. Hwy. 211 and Thompson Mill Road for the LifePath are moving slower than initially anticipated.

The pole must be moved to accommodate the wider width of the LifePath for a new crosswalk at the intersection. Last month, the CID board approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Braselton Visitors Bureau Authority to make improvements at the intersection for the crosswalk, which will lead to the Mulberry Walk Shopping Center.

The CID board had discussed holding a special event in October to coincide with the opening of the first segment of the LifePath with the completion of the nearby Braselton Pecan Tree Park on Grand Hickory Drive — but with the crosswalk plans delayed, the CID’s plans for a public event will be postponed, as well.

Meanwhile, the board agreed to a tentative logo design for the LifePath after considering more than 20 proposals in two meetings. The group will make a final decision on its logo during a meeting on Monday, Sept. 26, at 4 p.m.

That’s also when the board will adopt a millage rate for those properties in the CID in Barrow County.

The tax rate will be 5.0 mills for those properties. Previously, the board also set the millage rate at 5.0 mills for those properties in Gwinnett and Hall counties.

Herring reported on Monday that 50 percent of construction plans for the LifePath have been designed.

In other business, the Braselton CID approved its financial statement, which showed that the CID has taken a $58,243 advance on its $450,000 line of credit to fund the construction of the LifePath. The $58,243 from January through August includes mostly administrative service fees, engineering fees and legal fees for the CID.

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