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The Georgia Department of Community Health on Monday confirmed the death of another resident of Winder Health Care and Rehabilitation due to COVID-19, bringing the total to 13, and four more coronavirus cases were reported among the resident population at the East May Street nursing home. 

A total of 83 residents and 26 employees at the facility have tested positive since the start of the outbreak, roughly two-thirds of the population. Of the 70 living patients, several have recovered and many have been asymptomatic, according to social media posts by the facility. Most of the infected employees have recovered and been able to safely return to work under federal guidelines. 

Elsewhere in Barrow County, the DCH has confirmed one resident and one employee case at the Mulberry Grove assisted living facility in Statham. 


As of 7 p.m. Monday, the Georgia Department of Public Health had confirmed 38,283 cases of coronavirus and 1,649 deaths. The mortality rate of 4.3 percent has held steady throughout this month.

In Barrow County, the DPH has confirmed 262 cases and eight deaths as of its latest update. The number of deaths don't mesh with the reported deaths at Winder Health Care, but there could be at least a couple of reasons why — the DPH lists the county of death by the formal address listed for a person. State officials have also acknowledged a lag in the DPH data of up to two weeks due to the way information is reported and verified. 

Meanwhile, Northeast Georgia Health System reported an uptick in hospitalizations across its four hospitals over the weekend, though there was a slight drop at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Barrow in Winder. 

As of Monday morning, 97 patients positive for COVID-19 were being treated across the system (up from 95 on Friday) and 141 patients were awaiting test results (up from 125). 

At NGMC Barrow, eight patients positive for COVID-19 were being treated as of Monday morning and two more were awaiting results. Forty people with COVID-19 have been released from the hospital since the start of the outbreak. Systemwide, 495 people have been released and 69 have died at NGHS facilities. 

Nationwide, there 1.5 million confirmed cases and more than 90,200 deaths as of 7:30 p.m. Monday, according to the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine online tracker. 

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