The Barrow County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved Tuesday the millage rate for the 2017 digest, which included “rollbacks” for the incorporated and unincorporated portions of the county.

The millage rate for the incorporated portions will be 10.466 and the rate for the unincorporated portions will be 8.366, rolled back from 13.647. Both the incorporated and unincorporated rates include a 3.201-mill rollback from sales tax, and the unincorporated rate includes a 2.11-mill insurance premium rollback. The rollbacks are designed to offset increases in the 2017 tax digest due to inflationary growth. The millage rate is expected to generate a little less than $17 million, which county manager Mike Renshaw has said would fund the county’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget. The school district and fire district millage rates will remain the same at 18.5 mills and 2.28 mills, respectively.

Use change request

denied for property near Ga. 316

Also Tuesday, commissioners denied a request by Ronnie Gasaway to remove a special use for commercial development from property he owns at 1506 Farmington Way, 1525 Farmington Way and 778 Chancey Circle, between Ga. 316 and Haymon Morris Road in Winder.

The original 45-acre property was rezoned in 2008 with a master planned development special use, and the proposed project at the time included a mix of apartments (54 percent), commercial development (20 percent), open space (20 percent) and streets (6 percent). Parts of the property were sold off in 2011 and 2013 and became the Farmington Hills apartment complex. Since then, Gasaway has decided against commercial development on the property and instead sought to subdivide the remaining 28.4 acres to include a 16-acre tract with 180 apartments, leaving 12.4 acres open.

See the full story in the July 26 issue of the Barrow News-Journal.

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