Roger Wehunt

Roger Wehunt

Former long-time Barrow County commissioner Roger Wehunt died Saturday, Feb. 8. He was 80.

Wehunt died in the early morning hours Saturday, and a private family graveside service was held, according to an obituary.

A Jackson County native, Wehunt was a farmer in Barrow County and served parts of five terms on the commission, starting in 1998. He resigned in 2008 to run for mayor of Winder and returned in 2015 after winning a special election to replace Steve Worley.

Wehunt was re-elected to a four-year term in 2016 but resigned his District 3 seat in October 2018 due to an ongoing illness. Rolando Alvarez won the special election in March 2019 to replace Wehunt.

Barrow County manager Mike Renshaw announced Wehunt's passing to the public prior to the Tuesday, Feb. 11 Barrow County Board of Commissioners meeting. Renshaw said it was his "honor and privilege" to work with Wehunt.

"Roger was a great guy," Renshaw said. "We didn't always agree on everything and had some epic conversations and discussions in my office. But one thing I'll always remember about him is he had great perspective about things."

Commissioner Isaiah Berry, who served several years on the board with Wehunt, said that Wehunt "took me under his wing" from the start of Berry's tenure on the board. Berry, a retired long-time football and track and field coach at Winder-Barrow High School, recalled Wehunt's generosity and told the story of Wehunt giving him a $100 bill to buy a pair of track shoes for an athlete and teammate of his granddaughter at the school.

"He said buy her the best shoes money can buy," Berry said. "That was the generosity of the Roger I knew and that I loved. I'm so terribly sorry he's gone, but he's on to the next reward. 

"As Roger would say, 'Coach, everything will be alright.'"

Wehunt is survived by his wife, former school board member Connie Wehunt, his daughter, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and a brother and sister.


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