Post seeking: Commissioner 4th District Career/occupation:

Educator - Coach

Describe your background:

I have been an Educator for almost 40 yrs. I have a double major in Mathematics and Electronic Technology from Savannah State University, and I have served on the BOC for 5 years. I have completed both regular ACCG slate of courses and the CCAP (Certified Commissioners Advanced Program).

•Given the current economic difficulties, what would you propose trimming from the budget and why?

I would propose trimming from the budget take home vehicles for everyone except the Fire Chief and the Sheriff. There would be savings on gas, maintenance, tires and general wear and tear to the vehicles. This would also free up Roads and Bridges so that they may be of help in some other area. We should talk with our employees and ask for their suggestions and input. Our employees have been more than understanding in our quest to save jobs. I have discussed with some of them a shorter work week cutting back to 37 ½ hours. We could take a look at some holiday pay. The County may also look at Webinar, a web-site where we may get free training for Commissioners and employees, saving money on hotel bills and course fees.

•What are the three biggest issues that Barrow County must address over the next five years?

I believe that over the next five years we must find sources of revenue, jobs for our citizens, and continue to make sure that we improve our infrastructure. We must seek new businesses so that we can keep taxes to a minimum.

•What new services, if any, do you propose if elected to office? How do you propose to pay for this service?

Given the economic climate at this time, I would not add any new services to our already tax burdened public!

•Do you support hiring a county administrator to manage the day to day operations of county government? Why or why not?

It is essential that we hire a well educated person who has experience in County Government. Our department heads should have someone whom they can go to for answers to tough questions! We need a person who can relate to and handle the day to day operations and decisions that must be made in order for us to have effective government. It is my opinion that this person should be hired by all the members of the BOC.

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