Two people smoking marijuana in a hotel room clogged a toilet with the leafy substance, as they tried to flush it away while police were at their room door, according to Braselton police. Other guests staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Ga. Hwy. 211 told hotel management that they could smell marijuana coming from a room, where a man and a woman were staying, according to an incident report.

Two Braselton officers went to the room, where they could smell marijuana coming the space between the door and the frame.

An officer knocked on the door, but got no response. When he knocked again, a man asked who was there and the officers responded with “police.” The officers then heard a woman say “hold on” because she was undressed.

But after a few seconds, the officers heard a toilet flushing. The officers told the couple to open the door, but the woman said she was still getting dressed.

One of the officers got a room key from the front desk, but he couldn’t open the door because the couple had placed the dead bolt across it. Again, the officers told them to open the door and they heard the toilet flush for a second time.

After several minutes, the woman answered the door and the officers said they could immediately smell marijuana. The man admitted to flushing marijuana down the toilet.

The marijuana had clogged the toilet, which had a large amount of pot floating in the water. Hotel maintenance workers later removed two bags of marijuana from the toilet drain, but the bags broke while unclogging the toilet.

The man and woman kept asking police to make phone calls after they were handcuffed. The man said he would take all of the responsibility for the marijuana.

Hotel staff asked police to confirm if the man and woman had vehicles parked at the business. Both claimed that they had been dropped off at the hotel, but police found a set of Toyota keys with the man and a vehicle registered to him in the parking lot. The vehicle was towed to the Braselton Police Department and wasn’t searched until officers received a search warrant.

Police also found two bags of marijuana under a mattress in the hotel room. The man further had an estimated $600 in cash in his pocket.

The Braselton Police Department charged Janard Montez Pope, 30, and Ceria Shard Love, 22, both of Winder, with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, possession of more than one ounce of marijuana and tampering with evidence. They were taken to the Barrow County Jail.

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