The Georgia Milestones tests could be phased out in Barrow County and replaced with the Measures of Academic Progress, which would be given more often during the school year and would provide quicker data for teachers to use.

The Barrow County Board of Education got an update at its Tuesday, July 30 meeting, on the Georgia MAP Assessment Partnership, which includes Barrow and Jackson counties, from Jennie Persinger, who is in charge of assessment for the district.

Persinger told the BOE, “There’s been a lot happening in the last month.”

Barrow County has been part of the consortium for a year. The state Department of Education approved two consortiums to work on testing alternatives in the summer 0f 2018.

Superintendent Chris McMichael said by email last week, the county schools will “continue developing the assessment with the goal to begin phasing out some portions of Milestones testing beginning in the 2020-21 (year).”

Persinger said the spring of 2022 is the earliest the Milestones could be phased out.

She said both tests are given now.

“MAP is given multiple times during the school year and provides immediate data teachers can use in the classroom. Milestones provides a once-a-year snapshot of student achievement at the end of the school year. The development of GMAP will allow us to use one assessment for both purposes,” McMichael said in his email.

MAP assessments take 45 to 60 minutes and results are available at the end of the assessment and aggregate data at the end of the testing window, McMichael said.

MAP is given three times per year and that would continue if it replaces Milestones.

See more in the July 31 edition of the Barrow News-Journal.

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