The wheels are finally beginning to turn for the Town of Bethlehem concerning work at the intersection of Hwy. 11/Carl Bethlehem Road.

Mayor Sandy McNab opened the four sealed bids the town had received for the project during the July council meeting. While McFarland and Dyer Associates of Suwanee was the low bidder at $38,800, no decision was made during Monday night’s meeting concerning the awarding of a contract.

Council member Scott Morgan said he was not prepared to vote until he had a chance to review in depth all four bids.

“I don’t know if I’d feel comfortable otherwise without reviewing each one in detail,” Morgan said. While McNab initially said it would be best to vote that night, after some discussion by council members, it was decided to wait until the August meeting which was only two weeks away.

There was some initial discussion about a called meeting to vote but it was decided to just wait until the next regular meeting since it was already mid-July. This month's meeting was delayed a week because of the July 4 holiday.

Other companies bidding on the intersection improvement include Streetsmarts ($66,075), Hayes, James and Associates ($53,500) and Moreland/Altobelli ($47,295). Town officials have been trying for years to make improvements at the intersection and have been working with Department of Transportation officials in hopes of having a traffic light installed at the location.

In other business at July's two-hour meeting, officials agreed to begin the process of road patchwork on King Avenue and in the Thornbrook subdivision.

The council did not take action on a request from county chairman Danny Yearwood to pay $926 for dues to the NEGA Regional Commission. The county has previously been paying this amount.

Other mayors in the county are against paying it since the amount was not worked into their fiscal year budgets. McNab said Yearwood is asking each municipality to pay its own dues since the county is looking line by line at its budget.

The effort by Bethlehem officials to have property owners clean up their surroundings continues to have success, McNab said. Currently, only one location remains in need of cleaning up. McNab said the property has a trailer on it and while he has “beat on the door until his knuckles were sore” no one will come to the door despite there being cars present in the yard.

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