After some uncertainty, Joe Piper was declared the winner of the Statham mayoral race, while Tammy Crawley was declared the winner of the special city council election Wednesday morning, Nov. 6. 

The results of the Tuesday, Nov. 5 city election weren't immediately clear as there was uncertainty over whether there would need to be a runoff in both races.

The city charter, which was passed in 1967 and has been amended several times since, says, "the candidate receiving the highest number of votes . . . shall be elected."

Barrow County elections director Monica Franklin said Wednesday morning that she, city attorney Thomas Mitchell and the county attorney agreed that the candidate with the most votes is the winner and there is no need for a runoff. 

Piper, who will replace retiring long-time mayor Robert Bridges, drew 154 votes — 40.53 percent — edging out Eddie Jackson, who had 137 votes (36.05 percent). Jackson had resigned his seat on the council in order to run for the mayor's office. The third person running for mayor, Rudy Krause, received 80 votes, 23.42 percent.

Crawley led the four-person city council field for the seat vacated by Jackson. She had 142 votes, 39.34 percent. Scott Penn was second in the council race with 110 votes, 30.47 percent. The other two candidates were Tim Terilli (65 votes, 18.01 percent) and Steve Boughton (39 votes, 10.8 percent).

The election drew 381 votes, 24.36 percent of the registered voters. In the 2017 vote, the last city election, 234 people cast ballots, a bit less than 18 percent of the registered voters.


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