The Statham City Council unanimously voted to ban Catherine Corkren from city property in a short, called meeting last Thursday.

The council followed the recommendation of city attorney Thomas Mitchell, who said Corkren’s attitude at the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office Aug. 23 “prompted” the action. The hearing for the called meeting lasted less than 20 minutes.

Corkren has attended all city council meetings for months. She has objected to a number of council actions, the latest having been its motion to continue its police department “as is” and her argument that the city should create an Ethics Board that does not include members who have relationships with city council members.

Mitchell’s letter to Corkren says, “If you are willing to treat court employees in such a manner and a Barrow County deputy sheriff in that manner in the offices of the sheriff, the city is concerned that you would have no compunction about threatening or even doing harm to a City of Statham employee.”

Corkren said several times during the short hearing that Mitchell “consistently lies to you and he provides information that leads you into lawsuits.” She said he was enriching himself with attorney’s fees at the expense of the city.

Mitchell introduced an email string of messages between Corkren and Heather Tarver, secretary for Judge Corrie Mingledorff.

He said Corkren accused Tarver of collusion and withholding information.

The attorney also said Corkren had accused Sandra Bennett, a city employee, of assaulting her, but he said a video of the encounter shows “that there was no contact.”

Corkren complained that Mitchell ended the city’s practice of emailing responses to open records requests she made.

That process “was working perfectly fine,” Corkren said.

See more in the Sept. 19 edition of the Barrow News-Journal.

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