City of Statham officials have formed a committee to look into raising the fees to rent the Community Center.

Currently the fee for in-city residents is $125 with out-of-city residents charged $225 plus a $75 refundable deposit fee. The city currently pays to have the Community Center cleaned and also provides supplies to those renting the building. After those costs, the money collected becomes minimal, officials said.

Council member Gayle Steed said it was time to revisit the fee amount charged as well as the deposit amount.

“We are just not making any money off this now,” Steed said during Tuesday’s council meeting.

Concerns were also expressed over various issues such as the sound system being damaged.

Steed suggested a committee be formed to study the issue and to look into what other nearby municipalities charge to rent their respective community centers.

Council member Betty Lyle made the motion to table the issue so it could be studied and a committee formed.

Lyle and Steed were both named to the committee to look into the matter.

One issue proposed would be if someone rents the center for more than six hours to charged an extra amount.

The council plans to discuss the issue further at next month’s meeting after various details are researched.

In other business at Tuesday’s meeting, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, the council:

•approved a final plat review for Oak Springs Subdivision.

•approved a final plat review for phase one of Providence Estates.

•approved a final plat review for phase one of Lyle’s Corner.

•agree to be a $500 sponsor for the upcoming Literacy Ball.

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