The Statham City Council proposes to change its work session date, providing more time between meetings, but it delayed a vote on the idea to February.

Mayor Joe Piper suggested two weeks between the two meeting, but that was cut in half by a suggestion from council member Dwight McCormic.

If the proposal is approved, the Statham work session would move to the second Tuesday of the month and the regular council meeting would be the third Tuesday — the current time as set by ordinance.

The work session now is at 6:30 p.m. the second Thursday of the month and the council meeting is at 7 p.m. the third Tuesday. No discussion was held on the differing times, but it was suggested at the work session Jan. 16 that the meetings be held at the same time.

Piper said the meeting times should be farther apart to give council members time for “research” on issues and residents time to consider their views.

Council members Betty Lyle and Hattie Thrasher objected to the change.

Lyle said new members — Piper and Venable were elected in November — knew when the meetings were when they ran. She said two weeks or one week is “too much time” between sessions.

Venable said “one weekend” between meetings was not enough time.

She said the proposal was “all of a sudden” and wanted to know why Thrasher and she were not included in discussions.

Piper said no meetings about the change were held that Lyle was not present. He pointed out the idea was broached at a December meeting was discussed at the Jan. 16 work session,

Council member McCormic said the issue is one of several and can “tie it into” proposals to redo the city’s website and Facebook page and to regularly communicate with residents.


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