The Statham City Council will hold a public forum at 7 p.m. March 9 to hear from residents about how to use city property.

The public forum will be held at the community center.

The council has voted to move the police department into city hall as a temporary measure. The public library has received a grant and plans to expand its location. It will expand into the police department. That work will begin April 1.

Mayor Joe Piper said he had just issued an RFP for bids on renovating the city hall.

The public forum was proposed by council member Dwight McCormic. He said Statham is proposing to change some of its functions and where they occur.

Taking public comment would be appropriate, he said.

McCormic said the city’s public works building, city hall, police department, Furlane building in Robert Bridges park and the former office for planning and zoning may be affected.

He said the meeting should be restricted to hearing comments about the city facilities. It should not be a council meeting or a work session, he said.

Council member Betty Lyle suggested the money to be used at city hall be moved to Furlane. She maintained that would be the “quickest and cheapest” solution.

Piper said the council voted in December to take bids for renovating city hall as a temporary home for the police. He said bids would have to be taken for any other project and there is not time.

Council member Gary Venable said the move to city hall is temporary and the meeting McCormic was proposing is more long-term.


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