The City of Statham is set to honor a law enforcement officer who was killed in the line of duty more than a century ago.

James Hammond, who was the second marshal for the City of Statham, was killed in the line of duty Feb. 1, 1907. The council is set to recognize James Hammond Day each year moving forward on Feb. 1, beginning next year.

Current police chief Steve Martin presented the idea to the council and said he would like to see Hammond’s name also placed on a law enforcement memorial wall in Washington, D.C. Also at Tuesday’s 20-minute meeting, the council unanimously voted to require Carolyn Ogburn to pay a $286.95 water bill.

The citizen typically used the minimum amount of water each month, but her meter showed 48,000 gallons of use earlier this year during a four-week span.

Ogburn, who was represented by Traci Pruitt at the meeting, said she had her water lines checked several times and no leak was detected.

“There is no water under her house and her back yard is not flooded,” Pruitt said. “There is no evidence she has used that much water. The next month the amount registered went to 7,700 gallons.”

The meter at Ogburn’s residence was tested and no defect was found. It was suggested perhaps the flap in a toilet in Ogburn’s home ran continuously for several weeks resulting in the larger than usual water usage.

“We don’t normally cut anyone’s water off in cases like this,” mayor Robert Bridges said. “We work with people until we figure out what’s going on.”

Council member Perry Barton made the motion to not waive the water bill fee.

“It’s always regrettable when things come up and we don’t understand why,” Barton said. “However, we are fiscally responsible to the citizens. The meter indicated that amount of water went through. Without contrary evidence, we have to stay with the reading.”

All council members present voted to make Ogburn responsible for the full amount. Council member Hattie Thrasher was not at Tuesday’s meeting.


In other business Tuesday, the council:

• approved a beer license for Statham Express, Inc. on 2059 Atlanta Highway SE.

•approved purchase of $35 gift cards for employees for Christmas.

•voted to be a $500 level sponsor for January’s Literacy Ball.

•announced the hiring of Harriette Kilpatrick as new city clerk. She will replace Susan Gabriel, who is retiring at the end of the year.

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