The eight man Republican primary for the Seventh Congressional District is now down to two candidates. Rob Woodall and Jody Hice will face each other in the Aug. 10 runoff with the survivor going against Democrat Doug Heckman in November. Overall, Woodall finished with 27,626 votes (36 percent) with 99 percent of precincts reporting Wednesday morning in the race which covered several counties. Hice was second with 20,018 but it was his strong showing in Barrow County which helped push him into the runoff. He polled 26 percent overall. Hice earned 3,570 votes in Barrow County (55 percent) with Woodall second (1,665 votes, 26 percent) and Cox third with 676 (10 percent). Cox was in second place until the Barrow numbers pushed Hice into second and even within striking distance of first and Woodall at one point.

None of the other six candidates gained more than 3 percent in Barrow County.

Overall, Barrow County followed the trend of voters across Georgia in statewide races. Democrat Roy Barnes easily carried Barrow County with 67 percent (736 votes).

Nathan Deal carried Barrow County in the Republican Primary for Governor although the battle for second locally was separated by just 49 votes.

Deal was first in Barrow with 1,962 votes (29.47 percent) followed by Karen Handel (1,962, 29.27 percent) and John Oxendine (1,548, 23.25 percent).

Deal and Handel will face-off in the Aug. 10 runoff with the winner facing Barnes and Libertarian John Monds in the November general election.

Other state-wide primary winners in Barrow included:

•Michael Thurmond, Democrat, U.S. Senate;

•Carol Porter, Democrat, Lt. Gov.;

•Brian Kemp, Republican, Secretary of State;

•Gail Buckner, Democrat, Secretary of State;

•Sam Olens, Republican, attorney general;

•Ken Hodges, Democrat, attorney general;

•Gary Black, Republican, agriculture commissioner;

•Ralph Hudgens, Republican, insurance commissioner;

•Joe Martin, Democrat, state school superintendent;

•Terry Coleman, Democrat, Labor Commissioner;

•Tim Echols, Republican, Public Service Commission.

Kathy Cox carried Barrow County in the Republican Primary for state school superintendent even though she had officially dropped out of the race weeks ago.

Cox took 48 percent of the Barrow County followed by John D. Barge (30 percent) and Richard Woods (25 percent). The votes cast for Cox locally will not count since she was no longer a candidate.

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