When I moved back into my house in 2012, my living room was empty. I had no furniture except for a TV stand on casters and the blanket chest inherited from a long line of women in my family.

My daughter’s dad and stepmom had just purchased some new living room furniture and gave their old set to her to put in her basement. Not wanting her mama to have to sit on the floor, she gave the sofa and loveseat to me. It’s important to note that the sofa was a sleeper sofa, which means it weighs about 3,000 pounds.

My soon-to-be-ex and his son moved the 3,000-pound sleeper sofa from my daughter’s house to mine. This was long before the deck was built, and the back-door stairs were fairly treacherous, so we had to bring it through the front door. This presented its own set of challenges, and they ended up lifting the 3,000-pound sofa up and over the front porch banister, (at least five feet from the ground) and came through the front door.

The furniture was used, but in good condition. Not what I would have chosen had I been the one purchasing, but it was free and went very well with my new carpet and new coats of paint. My kitties and I enjoyed the furniture for many years. And by saying my kitties enjoyed it, I mean they enjoyed it in true kitty fashion. Despite my continuous attempts at training them otherwise, they used the exposed corners of both pieces as a scratching post. It wasn’t too terribly bad; I’ve seen worse, for sure!

However, when mom moved in with me, she was troubled by the wear and tear. I might also mention that my three grandchildren were here often, and the cushions were often used to build forts, to make pallets, and the bed was made and unmade countless times. So, yes, it was looking quite tattered.

Soon after moving in, Mom decided she wanted to get a new living room set. Trouble was, we couldn’t get anything new until we moved out the old. And remember what a hard time we had getting the thing in! A friend was going to bring more friends over and take it off my hands, but that didn’t work out. My daughter decided she wanted it, but we never could work out a time for her to get it.

Finally the day came last week when she said they had a trailer and some extra help and would come get it over the weekend. I wasn’t home when they got it out, but apparently they had no trouble at all going out the back door and across the deck.

The next day, Mom and I set out to find ourselves a new set. Those Academy folding chairs weren’t all that comfy for long periods of time. Blessings were with us, as we found something we both liked, and was within her budget. Even better was the fact that they had same-day delivery!

I was hopeful that they’d be able to get in the back door as easily as the old furniture was carried out. Not to be. They barely got the loveseat in, and were actually calling the owner of the moving company for advice. My front door is a little larger, but the piano keeps the door from opening all the way. In the end, the fellas had to move the piano and come through the front door. (Up and over the front porch banister!) It still wasn’t easy, and it got stuck. We talked of taking the front door off the hinges, but they were able to somehow remove some protective wrapping and get it inside the house. What an ordeal!

It seems a tiny bit more crowded in my living room, and it is a shock every time I walk into the room and see it. I’ve been looking at that flowered sofa and loveseat for years, and the pattern had kind of grown on me.

Mom is happy with her new loveseat, and I’m enjoying the new sofa. Maybe I’ll spruce up the place a little bit and invite someone over for a visit. After all, we now have a new place to sit!

Cathy Watkins Bennett is a Barrow County native and a graduate of Winder-Barrow High School. Send comments about this column to bencath@aol.com.

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