The dedication of the Barrow County Senior Citizens Center in 2002 opened opportunities for Barrow County resident seniors to be bused to and from the center for lunch and activities.

No longer do the Barrow County Board of Commissioners worry about the county’s seniors since buses have been purchased to transport seniors to and from the center presently Monday through Thursday.

Such activities include local shopping trips and day trips to Jaemor Farms for fresh locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Another bonus feature there is their large assortment of ice cream.

Bingo and card playing, billiards, book reading, Bible study, Garden Club, assorted parties and celebrations, and other interests along with interaction with other seniors are also enjoyed.

It was a pleasant surprise for me last week when I learned that state organizations such as Georgia Cares continues to help our seniors with Medicare questions as well.

But being surrounded by fellow community seniors isn’t the only advantage. On occasion management will suggest a day’s outing to places such as Stone Mountain to enjoy the evening’s fireworks.

At special times like Christmas, we are blessed to be surrounded by kindness both in gifts and community attention.

Or who likes to go out to eat dinner as early as 4 p.m. so we’re back home before dark?

Once we visited Georgia’s newest state park, Tallulah Falls State Park, along with a nearby camping park bordering the river, while ending the day at Jaemor’s purchasing local grown fruits and vegetables and eating the state’s best ice cream.

I have enjoyed over a decade of going on special guided day trips such as the Brave’s new ball field. Another was the trip to see the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum in downtown Atlanta.

We’ll never forget traveling across the state line into South Carolina to shop for women’s clothing. Bargains galore!

One of the recent 2-3 day trips prior to our uninvited visit from COVID-19 was Savannah, Georgia. Such a fun trip!

Just before my arrival on the scene more than ten years ago, the seniors went on a faraway trip to Niagara Falls, New York.

As an older senior citizen who has enjoyed a large part of the past 10 years along with many others at the Barrow County Senior Citizens Center, we salute the Barrow County Board of Commissioners and the many other community leaders that secure our needs.

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