Dear Editor:

October is National Fire Prevention Month.

This year’s Fire Prevention campaign, sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety.” This focus encourages fire services to educate their communities about the different sounds smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms make and actions to take if an alarm sounds.

Barrow County Emergency Services is always focused on the education and safety of our community; one way to provide that is to ensure every Barrow County citizen has the necessary equipment to safely protect their home in fire emergencies.

Another way to “learn the sounds of fire safety” is to verify your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in proper working order. Alarms are a key part of a home fire escape plan. Smoke alarms usually make a 3-beep sound; carbon monoxide alarms usually make 4-beep sounds. Working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms give an early warning so you can get outside quickly. Alarms should be installed in and outside every sleeping area of the home. They also need to be installed on each level, including the basement.

Testing all alarms once a month, and replacing them when they are 10 years old, is a great practice to make sure you have functioning alarms to ensure the safest environment for you and your family.

The BCES Fire Marshall’s office has smoke alarms available for senior citizens and the financially challenged.

The request form can be found here:

Rachel Gyldholm

Public information officer

Barrow County Emergency Services

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