Dear Editor:

As I just concluded viewing the movie The Patriot starring Mel Gibson, I am reminded of the thousands of men and women, both rich and poor, white and black, who lived and died for a common cause — a better life, not under the tyrannical oppression of a maniacal ruler King George III, but under the respected leadership of another George. Yes, I am referring to the father of our country, George Washington.

How can one man or woman make a difference in the lives of so many? Are there not in our society today those who can and will take a stand for liberty? Are we willing, with the possibility of losing everything, to say enough is enough? Have we gone so far in being comfortable with the status quo that we have lost our respect for each other and our inalienable rights of life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness? Can we truly say without any doubt where we are today as Americans is where we would like to be in 20 years to pass our legacy of patriotism on to our offspring? Are there still patriots among us today who are willing to sacrifice their all for the betterment of many?

If it were not for our first president, who initiated a firm footing for the republic and had great trust and respect in the integrity and good sense of the American people, we very well could have been misled by a demagogue. Are we, as a nation, leaning towards another demagogue in the form of the “free” press and social media? Can we not as Americans think on our own feet rather than having the press and media think for us? Can it not be said that if it were not for our founders and their commitment for a new nation under God that we would be in the throes of a dictatorial regime?

So, in conclusion, have we as a nation become so soft that we have lost our moral compass? Will we not take a stand for what we truly believe or are we just going to lay down our patriotism and fall for anything that is shoveled and thrown our way? Only you can make that decision for it is a very personal one…sleep well tonight.

Duke Dufresne


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