Dear Editor:

Whom do people who cry, “HOAX!” believe has the spare time to cook up, coordinate and spread the rumor that millions of people are only pretending to be sick with the coronavirus, and, in truth, are so not-sick that many submit themselves to ventilators?

Do they not know that ventilators are necessary forms of torture? When my husband was put on a ventilator years ago, he wrote me a note that said: “Slowly suffocating.”

Whom do people who love, love, love Donald Trump think is the underlying architect of the separation of thousands of small children, many of them nursing infants, if not Donald Trump? It is well known that such decisions come from the top of the totem pole. The face at the top of this one has slathered on makeup and pays thousands of dollars for someone to map his bleached hair into a complicated, ridiculous do. He makes me think of Julius Caesar and his carefully cared-for ringlets. Surely Julius was no more false, no more vain, no more vile.

My heart breaks for the thousands crammed into overwhelmed hospitals, and I weep for little children torn from their mothers’ breasts. The children will never be the same. They will never be able to fully trust. They will be warped in ways we don’t even know now.

Trump and his eldest son have no more feeling for other people than for inanimate objects, and yet, people shout acclaim at their words, shout unbelievable taunts to others, smile, clap, nod, wave signs and smugly breathe whatever viruses are present. Common sense is taking a long vacation.

Beth Bassett


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William Ledford

Dear Trump hater, The small children you speak of, were put in cages by the Obama team. What about the thousands of elderly in nursing homes that died because of the governor of New York thought it would be a good idea to put people, sick with the virus in with the elderly. There is plenty of blame to go around. Even the so called experts changed their expert opinion many times. Did it make you feel better to make fun of the Presidents hair. I'm sure your hair is perfect.

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