Dear Editor:

You can’t find a channel on TV that isn’t talking about coronavirus. 

It is rampant throughout much of the world and will eventually reach Georgia. If nothing else, it is shining light on the lack of health care in our state and the U.S.

Gov. Kemp has appointed a task force to study it, similar to his committee to study Georgia’s high maternal mortality rate. Our state is consistently ranked among the worst of U.S. states with 60 percent of maternal deaths deemed preventable. His committee’s No. 1 recommendation — extend Medicaid coverage. But no can do if cutting taxes for wealthy corporations and individuals is endangered. His concern lies with suburban women who have access to health care they can afford, not women living in rural Georgia.

Many counties in Georgia have no hospital, no pharmacy, heck, not even a grocery store. In addition, our Republican governor’s budget included cuts to county health departments. 

So, what are those that fall under the Republican “It sucks to be you” health care plan to do? Hope that Walmart and Amazon replenish their supply of facemasks and hand sanitizer?

After decades of living under Republican “government doesn’t belong in healthcare” ideology, that leaves thousands one emergency away from bankruptcy.

Maybe the coronavirus will convince voters that it is time to change legislators.

Harper Kindle


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