Dear Editor:

Defunding the police activity has spiked homicides everywhere, but mainly in cities run by Democratic mayors.

Los Angeles, Portland and Baltimore have crime skyrocketing, but nothing touches the horror level going on in Chicago. This year Chicago, run by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, is on pace to have over 700 homicides. Over the past five years, they have had 1,150 homicides.

Democratic mayors are against anything (like stop and frisk or ankle bracelets) that would help curtail crime because it might be against the criminals’ civil rights. And Democrat-appointed judges and state prosecutors release them, after being arrested, with no bail. It’s as if the city went back in time to the days of Al Capone. Citizens living there must feel like they are in the “Twilight Zone.”

Atlanta has killings nearly every night, but it is a blessing that fugitives are captured and held until they are accountable for their crimes.

Progressive politics not only are in police matters, but in our children’s academic standards.

The governor of Oregon has just announced she is scrapping all proficiency in math, science and reading skills. Why? For equity, and equity means ignorance. Because of progressive politics and teacher unions, academic standards are in free-fall. The COVID pandemic actually gave parents the time and knowledge of what the schools were indoctrinating into the minds of their children, and now school boards are facing blitzkrieg attacks from parents.

The beauty of our American System is that when you live in a city or state that is run by corrupt morons, you can get in your car and leave. Move to another state that’s not run by corrupt morons. And this is why people are moving, in great numbers, to Florida, Texas, Arizona and Idaho from California, Oregon, Illinois and New York. And of late, also moving to Georgia. But, in fact, New York and Illinois are the only two states that have lost population for the past 10 years and they continue to elect Democrats, which is a perfect example of the dumb leading the dumber. Just wait and see if New York has finally gotten smart. I doubt it.

Charles C. Winfrey III


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