Dear Editor:

Patricia Healan stated, in the December 22nd edition of the Barrow News-Journal, that she disagreed with me and that President Trump did not accomplish all he said he would and uses the wall being not completed (which she must then think is good and which was stopped by Biden), and also mentions he did not repeal Obama's Affordable Care Act, which was anything but affordable and was not replaced due to the vote of spiteful John McCain. Then she says the list goes on and on but doesn't list them. However, she fails to mention anything Joe Biden promised and delivered. Why? Because nothing has happened. How can anyone believe Joe Biden has accomplished anything except leading us into Socialism and opening up our country to illegal immigration for anyone from anywhere who offers us nothing but crime, drugs, and disease. However, some people still believe in the tooth fairy.

I completely agree with Mr. Joe Counter's letter, in the same edition, about our present public school system being lousy. This is because the Government allows no real competition on the same playing field. The Government does not allow parents to use their Public school taxes to be applied toward a private school. So, if they proceed in placing their children in other places of Education they must pay for it. So, the Government's controlled public school system just plods along teaching "Critical Race Theory" and other woke nonsense with the present Administration in Washington D.C. discouraging any parent opposition. Come on people, Wake Up! Stop saying the proverbial " I Would Have", "I could Have", & ' I Should Have'. Stand Up! Say and do Something!


Charles C. Winfrey III


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Jon Oblesen

Chucky---She didn't have to talk about Biden's accomplishments because her article was refuting your own; she didn't have to because your premise was so simple to poke holes in. You yourself made the error, as Mr. Sims pointed out above, of being hyperbolic in your original article. And even in your response, you waffle between Biden doing / accomplishing nothing and simultaneously leading us to Socialism. Both can't be true.

Royce Sims

So you were using hyperbole in your letter? For clarity, you should have stated this.

Seems that that part of your comment was factually wrong.

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