Dear Editor:

Like Suzanne Angle said last month in her letter, I also cannot remain silent about what is happening in our country.

I recently moved from Idaho to Georgia. I am 82 years old, and the first president I ever voted for was John F. Kennedy. My parents were lifelong Democrats. But following Mr. Kennedy’s assassination, the Democratic Party went on a downward spiral. Today it is not even close to the political party President Kennedy led. Today it is nothing but a far-left party bent on socialism.

Peggy Perkins said July 15 in this newspaper, after giving the Republican Party and President Trump the devil, that Trump was slow to react to the pandemic. I guess she forgot that he immediately closed all travel from China into the United States, an action that probably saved many thousands of lives and was done with Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi venomously against it. Also, she does not believe the president has done anything about health care. Does she not realize that he’s had zero help from the Democrats? They try to block everything and have done absolutely nothing for the people. For nearly four years, the only thing they have accomplished is trying to impeach the president, who did nothing wrong.

And talking about health care! Do you remember the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare? Well, I do! President Barack Obama said, “You can keep your insurance, keep your doctor, and you will save $2,500 a year in premium costs. He made this claim repeatedly and each time he lied. I know firsthand because I retired as an independent insurance broker for Blue Cross of Idaho after writing many policies over many years and had a retirement monthly income of over $6,000 — when his Obamacare forced Blue Cross to cancel these policies and replace them with the government plan. This wiped out my retirement income I had earned with a plan that was anything but affordable.

Today’s Democratic Party has done nothing but fight President Trump and bow down to “Black Lives Matter,” which actually cares very little for black lives. It’s just a Marxist organization that wants to bring a socialist revolution to America.

If you think I’m wrong and BLM actually cares for black lives, then are they OK with Al Sharpton being absent and silent when a toddler was killed in New York, or when the teenager was shot in Seattle, or when the young girl was killed in Atlanta, or when 25-plus young kids are killed every week in Chicago? All these tragedies are committed by African-Americans killing African-Americans. Nothing is said or done. But if any white policeman kills one black man, cities are set ablaze.

Wake up! The Democratic Party has changed. Every revolution that began by tearing down statues ended by killing people. Recall ancient Rome? Remember France? Look what is going on in Portland, Ore., and New York City and what occurred in Seattle and nearby Atlanta.

President Trump is a leader and does everything he said he would do. He’s brought back companies and jobs. He has reduced regulations, increased income for everyone, reduced unemployment, restricted illegal immigration, is building the wall, etc. But do you read about these great accomplishments? No! Why? Because most newspapers have abandoned even the pretense of appearing objective.

Everything President Trump does is for America’s good, not China’s or the European continent’s. He’s a leader. Joe Biden could not even lead a sing-a-long at a retirement home.

Charles Winfrey


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