Dear Editor:

On July 4, 2019, Donald J. Trump announced that during the Revolutionary War, the Continental Army — having left Valley Forge in bitter winter weather — bravely “manned the air,” and “took over the airport” at Fort McHenry, then held by British forces.

Who knows? Perhaps George Washington and his men came upon a bunch of airplanes from the future time-traveling almost a hundred years before the Wright brothers first got a crude airplane aloft at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

This same Trump has performed feats again and again that have never ever before been seen in all of history. While it was a minor accomplishment compared with some of his other wondrous doings, he said he had the largest crowd ever at his Inaugural Ceremony, although photographs show big swaths of empty space. Last week, some three years later, he announced that nothing in all the history of humankind has equaled his current plans to defeat the coronavirus. Don’t believe it. The truth is not in him.

“Daily, with souls that cringe and plot,” we reap what we sewed in the last presidential election.

Beth Bassett


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