Dear Editor: There is a very old saying: "Just as a person lights one candle from another and the original flame is not diminished, so too, we are never lessened when we pass our internal flame to another person." 

Written during a time of great uncertainty and hardship, this was a message of hope and encouragement. 

When faced with uncertainty and hardship, we also must make a decision: We can fall into ourselves, become bitter, despairing, self-isolating and depressed. If we think only of ourselves, our burdens can quickly overshadow our lives and eclipse the blessings we receive every day without even having to ask for them. Or, we can allow our discomfort to help us to remember how very fragile and precious life is. 

The difficulties we experience can be transformative, allowing us to re-embrace life, and all the difficulties we face, more gracefully. It is a choice between light and darkness. It is a choice between sharing the light or sharing the darkness, embracing others or thinking only of ourselves. 

In Scott Thompson’s Oct. 28 column, he stated: "In the darkest and most trying of times, if you look closely enough, you can see the best in people emerge..." 

I sincerely hope that is what will be most important to the editors of Mainstreet Newspapers as we approach a new year.


Michael C. Miller



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