Dear Editor:

The people of Winder voted they weeks ago. They voted for one incumbent in Ward 3 to continue to serve and voted to a runoff in the other two city council races, which will be decided Nov 30.

The results are what the people voted for; however, it is difficult to claim this represents the people of Winder. Only about 10% of the registered voters in the city voted. It is honestly quite an abysmal turnout for any election, but especially one in which we have such differing views of the candidates.

Any election in which we cannot turn out above 10% is a frightening election. Such a small amount of people deciding the future of our city should concern every one of us. This is the type of apathy that allows people who do not represent you or your values to have great influence over you and the way you live. Why do we allow this?

We have allowed the loudest amongst us recently to dictate what we should do and it is past time that the registered voters of Winder get out and vote. Whether you live in Old Town, Horton Street, Yargo, Overlook or elsewhere, it is past time to do your part and choose your elected representatives.

I ran for city council myself and came up short. While I was disappointed in my outcome, I was sadly more disappointed in the number of Winder citizens that voted. When our apathy with voting has reached these levels, we are at risk of a small minority making our decision for us.

If you don’t want the loudest amongst you to make decisions for you, then get out and vote. If you want to have a say in your taxes, ordinances and the future of your city, then get out and vote. We have three days of early voting next week and then Election Day on Nov. 30. This is more than enough time for everyone to get out and vote and we have a duty as citizens to all make our voices heard, not just those who scream and yell the loudest.

Hypothetically, we could have a person who represents the views of 2-3% of the citizens push through their choice of candidates with only a couple hundred citizens voting. Why would we risk such a situation possibly occurring in our city? Why on earth would we as citizens of Winder entrust our city to a few hundred voters when there are about 12,000 of us?

No matter what the outcome, when we all get out and vote we at least know the vote represents a majority of us and not just 2-3% of us.

The loudest voice in the room isn’t always representative of the majority.

Matthew Redfern


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