Dear Editor:

On May 30, Crew Dragon’s two astronauts headed for the International space station, while here on Earth work crews cleaned up the damage left by anguished and frustrated Americans whose fuse was lit by the death of yet another black American at the hands of someone sworn to serve.  

The palpable pain of so many finally hit a breaking point. It is never just one thing; it’s a compilation of little things that simply overwhelm all at once. We should’ve seen this coming but we averted our eyes, focusing instead on the latest shiny distraction thrown our way.  

America is a tinderbox; we are in tremulous times. Deep wounds inflicted repeatedly on our citizens have been exposed in the past months. Might some very good people now remove the motes from their eyes and look at the conditions that really prevail for too many of our citizens of whatever color who have always been a breath away from catastrophe or homelessness? President Trump was right; it IS time for change.

The coronavirus, the unemployment tsunami and accompanying economic body slam, and now an unarmed, non-resisting black man killed on camera where lies can’t twist the truth. Domestic instability in America is leading to civil unrest. Hurricane season arrived early this year, and droughts and floods and a worldwide pandemic are wreaking havoc across America. We’re entering into another summer of our discontent. 

I pray for real, substantive leadership but see none for any of our travails. Our president is satisfied to act out; a petulant arsonist happy to play with matches with his inflammatory tweets. He has consistently played down the effects of this virus even as we lose over 100,000 citizens. We should all be heartsick.

God save our country.  

Cheryl Brownstein


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