Dear Editor:

Ever since the House passed the bipartisan bill to do lots of building and rebuilding around the country, Republicans have been at each other’s throats. 

Some Republicans, none from Georgia, said it was great to vote for roads, bridges and broadband. But most in the party, encouraged by Mr. Infrastructure Week himself, Donald Trump, said that voting for roads, bridges and broadband made you a traitor for helping President Biden, and maybe even a socialist.

The GOP is so committed to obstruction that a majority of its House members and senators insist that party loyalty demands opposing repairing or building new highways in their own districts or states. Both Republican congressmen Jody Hice and Andrew Clyde considered improving our roads, bridges and broadband to be socialistic, if not an act of downright communism. Apparently, they rarely drive through their districts or attempt to use the internet outside of their home base. Heaven forbid, they and their party would do anything to help Barrow County.

I, for one, am glad to see an infrastructure package that will create good-paying jobs, better access to internet for small businesses to compete and broader educational opportunities for all sent to President Biden to sign. My thanks to the Democratic Party and the few Republicans (none from Georgia) that made it happen.

Peggy Perkins


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William Ledford

Have you read this so called infrastructure bill? If so, you are probably the only one. I heard that only about one third of this trillion dollar bill is for actual infrastructure, that is why true Republicans did not vote for it. It would be great if we could elect people that actually put the interest of the American people before their party. Spending money that we don't have, is not wise. No one in their right mind believes this monster bill is free., and no one believes that it will be paid for by taxing the rich. This is the same game plan the Democrats have every time they get a majority, Tax the wealthy never works, it always falls back on the middle class.

Peggy Perkins

Here is how it will benefit our state that no GA Republican Congressperson voted for.Billions of dollars are projected to head Georgia’s way over the next five years after President Joe Biden signs a roughly $1.2 trillion infrastructure funding package into law today.

Why it matters: Georgia is a vital logistics hub for the country — the world’s second-busiest airport, one of the country’s largest shipping container ports, a key junction of major U.S. interstates and rail lines — and who hates infrastructure?

Planes: The funding package is expected to provide more than $619 million for airports throughout the state, the White House says.

Trains (and buses): Nearly 70% of the $1.4 billion in public transit aid would be earmarked for public transit agencies in metro Atlanta like MARTA, GRTA and other services, according to Sen. Jon Ossoff's office.

Congress OK’d $66 billion to expand Amtrak's busy Northeast Corridor and serve new areas. One map of Amtrak’s future proposed system includes new service from Atlanta to Nashville, Montgomery and Savannah.

And automobiles: Georgia's roads will feel the love. The state could receive nearly $9 billion to fix roads and highways, plus $225 million to upgrade and replace deficient bridges.

Georgia will likely see $135 million to help build an electric-vehicle charging network throughout the state, and billions to swap out gas-powered buses for low- or zero-emissions vehicles.

Lightning round: Expect a minimum of $100 million to expand broadband in rural Georgia, $913 million for drinking-water projects and other public buildings and $22 million to prevent wildfires, the White House says.

Candy Sweppenheiser

I agree with you 100%. Thanks for writing this letter.

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