Dear Editor:

I agree with Rep. Jody Hice that someone must be held accountable for how the coronavirus outbreak has been managed. I disagree with his conclusion that the death toll and devastation to our economy is a result of fear created by epidemiological models. 

Hice, deflecting blame for the country’s dead and economic suffering away from Trump and his administration, mocks models predicting 100,000-plus deaths, saying they are flat-out wrong. Might Mr. Hice now regret saying 60,000 dead Americans is simply within the range of deaths expected annually from the flu? We have quickly surpassed that casualties figure. Looks like those first modelers were right.

My only child is a working RN. She hasn’t resorted to using garbage bags in her hospital like many other health providers, but she is rotating six masks weekly. So far, thankfully, she isn’t infected. 

Yes, someone must be held accountable for what is happening in America. A post mortem on how our government’s actions or inactions must be held in the clear light of day. For now, we must focus on saving our citizens and our beleaguered economy. 

A time of true reckoning will come, and Congressman Hice’s concocted attempt to set up a strawman is not going to take our eyes off investigating deeply and at the proper time. Irrefutable film has captured truth and facts to unequivocally counter his lies and untruths. 

Americans know the response has been sluggish and sloppy, at best. We don’t need a charismatic cheerleader spouting happy talk and personal grievances daily on TV; we don’t need a salesman promising miracle cures and a recovery he can’t deliver. We’ve simply needed a leader from day one.

Harper Kindle


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