Dear Editor:

Sen. John McCain to me was an American hero. He served his country well. Not only in the Navy as a fighter pilot but in the Senate, where he worked across party lines to do what was best for this country.

One can only speculate how Sen. McCain would have voted on Jan. 31, 2020 to allow additional witnesses in the impeachment trial. I believe that Sen. McCain would have honored his oath of office by voting “yes” to have additional witnesses.

To impeach is to accuse. The Senate trial is to approve the allegations or to disapprove. How can you do this without calling all the witnesses who have firsthand knowledge of the allegations? The American people have the right to hear all the facts and information on an issue as important as this Senate trial.

Sen. McCain was a statesman, not a career politician. Webster defines a statesman as one who is wise and skillful in conducting national affairs and treating public issues with dignity and respect. Webster defines a career politician as one holding a political office with implications of seeking personal gains, scheming as distinguished from a statesman.

The Republican Party that I have supported in the past has been taken over by career politicians. Would President Reagan even recognize his party today?

The framers of the Constitution gave us a form of government that has allowed our nation to reach heights that have never been reached before. I fear that unless the voters in this country rise up and take our government back from these career politicians, our nation is on a downward path to who knows where.

Our Constitution gives us three branches of government — executive, judicial and legislative. Each branch has their explicit duties with checks and balances within each one to prevent any branch from going rogue. When a person is elected or appointed to an office in our form of government, they place their hand on a Bible and take an oath to defend and uphold the laws of this land and the Constitution to the best of their ability, “so help me God.”

They do not take an oath to the Democratic Party, Republican Party or to the president. The Republicans in office now have forgotten this and pledge their path to the president. The truth always comes out and these men and women will be remembered in history for what they voted not to do. And that was to get to the truth.

It does not matter whether you are a Democrat, independent or Republican; respect your oath, do your job, or be voted out.

Ottis Smith


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