Dear Editor:

The world’s gone mad.

COVID-19 deaths are approaching a thousand a day. Georgia’s a hot spot and its hospitals are full. Children are in ICUs. Overworked doctors are pleading to Governor Kemp for sanity and real leadership. The University System of Georgia is indifferent to the science taught in its universities, which are now breeding grounds for COVID. In public schools, students are put at risk by maddening and mistaken policies that allow well-meaning, uninformed parents to make dangerous decisions about their children’s and other children’s lives.

SEC universities in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky mandate masks. Not in Georgia! Virtually all UGA students sit unmasked in classes; blissfully, needlessly, and tragically vulnerable. This is insanity. The governor’s response? Just an extra day for state employees to perhaps get vaccinated and funds for a temp agency to try to outbid Texas for out-of-state medical personnel to rescue our hospitals.

University faculty trust facts, but still bravely show up to teach unmasked students who are supposed to be the cream of the crop and the leaders of tomorrow. Our governor and the USG stubbornly refuse to mandate masks indoors. Apparently, this is the cost of re-election.

Wearing masks protects others and ourselves; this is not a personal freedom issue. It’s a life and death issue grounded in solid science. If you believe otherwise, you are risking your life for an untruth. Please, wear a mask and get the vaccine. It will likely save your life and the life of someone you love.

Regina Smith


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Cheryl Brownstein

Kemp is more than willing to throw millions of dollars into the pound of cure (National Guard to help hospitals) but not one penny toward the ounce of prevention (mask mandates). It's not his personal money, it's our tax money. He is not a leader.

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