Dear Editor:

Martha Stewart went to prison for insider trading. She used information not available to a regular person like you or me. 

Her problem was that she was not a senator. She had no committee conveniently willing and able to officially proclaim her innocence and brush her transgressions away. Stewart couldn’t escape her ethical cloud of wrongdoing and paid a price for it. Georgia’s two multimillionaire senators, however, got a pass from a group of their own. They got cover for engaging in actions that would’ve put regular folks like Martha Stewart, you or me in jail.

When Senators Loeffler and Perdue argue that the Senate Ethics Committee exonerated them and the Justice Department found no evidence to prosecute them, take their claims with a heaping tablespoon of salt. In 1,189 ethics cases heard from 2007-2019, the Senate Ethics Committee found not one senator guilty of an ethical breach. This group, composed of three Republicans and three Democrats, is the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse.  

The same goes for any senatorial absolution by this particular U.S. Justice Department. Remember that outgoing Attorney General William Barr has publicly shown himself to be, repeatedly, President Trump’s loyal servant and enabler. Under Barr, there has been no crime the president couldn’t commit and get away with. By extension, our Georgia Republican senators have proven their fealty is to Trump and their own political and financial self-interests.

Come on, people. You know this stinks to high heaven. Don’t waste your vote on people with little to no ethics.

Harper Kindle


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Bryan Capes

If you plan to base your vote on personal ethics and character, you are out of luck. Ossoff is dishonest and is a closet Socialist. Warnock is a hateful wife abuser and contributor to child abuse. I understand your issue with Perdue and Leoffler but be consistent at least

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