Dear Editor:

I am a 100-percent disabled Army veteran and I fought to defend our country and our Constitution for over 24 years.

During those years, I have been stationed all around the world, to include combat zones and I have witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of a weakened democracy. That’s why I’ve grown increasingly concerned in the past year as our right to vote, one of our most fundamental rights, has faced new threats right here at home, especially in Georgia.

The prevarication, disinformation and dangerous and vitriolic rhetoric that led to the Jan. 6 insurrection on America’s Capitol should be a wakeup call for elected officials about what happens when truth is substituted for disinformation and misinformation is told as truth.

Now some politicians in our state are now threatening to impede or curtail the ability of Georgians, especially disabled veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, rural voters and others to make their voices heard. They’re threatening to undo a process that has worked for more than a decade by adding barriers to vote absentee by making changes to election laws. Some of these barriers include banning absentee ballot drop boxes and scaling back no-excuse voting. This totally disenfranchises Georgians like me, who may not be able to physically vote at a polling place and who don’t want to mail our ballots.

The Georgia state legislature shouldn't be trying to make it harder for people to vote they should be trying to make it both more secure and easier. Monitored ballot drop boxes, for example, is a way of accomplishing both goals. Rather than trying to impede Georgians, the Georgia legislature should focus its attention on the challenges ahead: vaccine distribution and economic recovery and growth. I hope those we elected to represent us in the legislature will remember us.

David Dubin


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Jean Biddle

Applause, applause!! Thank you for your service and love of country.

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