Dear Editor:

The 2020 presidential election was a fair and free election, thanks to Gov. Kemp, Secretary of State Raffensperger and boards of elections throughout the state. 

American voters have spoken, and Joe Biden is the president-elect.  The will of the people is clear. President Trump has not conceded and, more importantly, he has not taken initial steps to begin peaceful transfer of power. This is a cornerstone of American democracy. 

There is much for President-Elect Biden and his team to accomplish between now and Jan. 20 if we are to keep America and Americans safe — obtaining security clearances and office space, gaining access to federal agencies, and receiving daily national security briefings. Delays in an orderly transition puts national security and the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in peril.   

Senators Purdue and Loeffler and Rep. Jody Hice must stop pushing outlandish, harmful and false narratives about Georgia’s election.  They must step up and honor their oaths of office.  They must publicly implore President Trump to activate the post-election transition of power through the General Services Administration immediately. To do less is to further endanger democracy in America.

Jacqueline Elsner


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David Gunter

Why did you delete my comments?

Jon Oblesen

Hey David, you comments are still there man. You can take your tin foil hat off, no one is trying to censor you. You are, of course, correct, that the Electoral College does make the final decision in choosing a President Elect. It should be noted though that the behavior of the current President is well outside the norm; Hillary conceded the next day after it became apparent that DJT would win back in 2016, and Barack Obama invited him to the White House the following weekend. And while this election was unprecedented with record turnout and the number of mail-in votes, there has been no substantial evidence of voter fraud shown by DJT or his lawyers. And the leader of the free world still cries "RIGGED!" via Twitter. Conceding is an important part of the transition of power as it signals to supporters (like yourself) that the results are accepted. It has been nearly 150 years since we have had anything like this happen and I do not think it will help improve the legacy of DJT.

David Gunter



David Gunter

Sorry, but he is not President Elect! The media dies not make that decision. The Electoral College makes that decision and just because you say it was a fair election does not make it so. I'll wait till all the legal efforts are exhausted before I'll call biden President elect Thank You

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