Dear Editor,

On April 11, Barrow county narcotics investigators raided a Statham home and “busted” a 55-year-old resident for manufacturing marijuana.

I feel safer already. Another deviant criminal is off the street. The perpetrator of this despicable crime was in possession of three ounces of dried marijuana and was allegedly going to sell the products of the 78 marijuana plants that the deputies recovered at the residence.

According to the authorities, each of those 78 plants, when fully grown, could have produced approximately one pound of marijuana. Think of the economic stimulus that the projected $85,000 worth of pot could have on our local community.

Seriously, while I do not condone the use of marijuana, alcohol or narcotics, I do not see a victim in this activity.

Whose civil rights did this citizen violate by cultivating a native plant? Was anyone’s right to property, life or freedom denied?

Barrow County is going to spend much needed tax dollars to prosecute Mr. Jones for a victimless crime.

During a time when county revenues are at a record low, can the expenditure of our tax dollars be justified in the prosecution and incarceration of non-violent drug offences?


Jeffrey E. Moss


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