Dear Editor:

After proudly voting for Ronald Reagan during my first presidential election as a registered voter, I have been a Republican ever since.

I have been loyal to the GOP all of my life because I believed that our party stood for truth, integrity and honor. I believed that character, honesty and fiscal conservatism were core values that our party held. I believed that we, more than any other political party, held the Constitution dear.

Sadly, I'm compelled to write because I've been watching what has transpired over the past three years and particularly over the last few months. I'm very, very concerned with what the president's actions have done to our democracy — including and especially the influence these actions have had on the rest of our party.

I'm concerned that our GOP lawmakers have forgotten that they work for all of the people, not the president and not just a small group of their constituents. I'm concerned that they have forgotten that they took an oath to uphold the Constitution. I'm disgusted that our two U.S. senators show all the backbone of a chocolate éclair. At this moment in our history, they are putting party before country.

From outside of Washington looking in, it appears many are more worried about their re-election than they are about getting at the truth of the matter at hand and preserving our great republic for future generations.

R.B. Poole


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