Dear Editor:

I don’t understand why our state legislators want 70-year-old me to pay a poll tax to vote by absentee ballot. 

I’ve been legally registered to vote for decades and have for years voted with an absentee ballot. Senate Bill 29 requires me to locate a place to pay to have a copy made of mine and my disabled husband’s driver’s license to exercise a freedom we’ve enjoyed since being old enough to vote. When my husband was in the Army during Vietnam, he didn’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to vote. Why does he now?

Back in my parents’ day Georgia charged a $1 poll tax to vote — which mostly kept black people from voting, but poor farm families also got excluded. It will cost about a $1 or more to have photo IDs copied. What was old is new again.

Have Republicans decided they can’t win when voters participate in our election process? Has the party given up on winning elections by its ideas and values that it has to resort to a modern-day poll tax to keep old people, disabled people and poor people from voting? 

Documents required for voter registration all have some kind of number associated with them. Why can’t one of those numbers be used to prove we are who we say we are for absentee ballots? No printer or copier required. That is, unless the true intent is to keep certain people from voting. 

Sad for the GOP.

Peggy Perkins


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