Dear Editor:

Republicans haven’t entirely stymied President Biden’s agenda.

Sure, no Republican in the House or Senate voted in favor of Biden’s popular COVID-19 relief bill. But in the Senate, many have backed his well-qualified Cabinet picks, and in the House, Republicans and Democrats have found common ground on bills like reauthorizing the Violence against Women Act and allowing farmworkers a pathway to legal immigration status. Please note that Rep. Jody Hice voted against these bills.

So far, 140 House Republicans have voted at least once for something Biden supported. Why? Because what they voted for adhered to the principles they all once believed and served the greater good.

But not all House Republicans are interested in backing Biden’s agenda. About one-third of GOP members, 72 total, have completely opposed everything on Biden’s agenda so far. If the White House is for something, they are against it. No matter if the action would benefit their constituents. Why? Because their goal is to do all they can to make sure that our government is dysfunctional and does not work for people.

Randy Poole


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Clay Kelley


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