Dear Editor:

COVID-19 has changed our life radically in just a couple of months and has forced us all to rethink what is normal.

As we figure this out for ourselves and our community, I am heartened by the generous response to this unprecedented pandemic by the majority of my neighbors and folks all over the country. Donations to food banks are up, many folks have volunteered to deliver food and check on seniors, and some folks are sewing face masks and giving them to front line workers. It confirms to me that Americans are basically good people who want to do the right thing. Whether they are Republicans, Democrats or neither, it does not matter in a time of national crisis.

When it comes to our elected servants of the people, I have been more skeptical of their motives, and history proves that I am acting prudently. So, I was elated to see how many of our elected government officials have risen above partisan politics and demonstrated impressive leadership. Yet, many other elected officials have not been able to put partisan politics aside. 

One partisan politician is our own 10th District congressman, Jody Hice. I was angered and disappointed when Mr. Hice was one of only five members of the House who voted against the CARES Act. We are in a pandemic which is killing thousands of Americans and dismantling our economy at a rate not seen since the Great Depression, and Mr. Hice makes a decision supporting his partisan political beliefs rather than the needs of the people he serves! What is he thinking?

Frankly, I do not understand why Mr. Hice had no problem voting “yes” on the $2 trillion tax bill that overwhelmingly benefited the wealthiest Americans at the expense of the rest of us, but voted “no” on the CARES Act. A bill that was designed to help and support the average worker and small business owner facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis. 

His two votes told me all I need to know about Mr. Hice: he values party ideology more than he values the very people in the 10th Congressional District he was elected to serve.

Robert B. Covi, Ph.D.


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