Dear Editor:

I was amused at the poor arguments in Charles Winfrey’s Aug. 5 letter to the editor, titled “Democratic Party has changed and not for the better.” 

His comments are the same old stale, illogical arguments that the right is fond of repeating. None of them hold water. His attempt is to deny the good works that Democrats do and have done for working people. His comments are an effort to cover up the many regressive politicians of the GOP.

He should be ashamed of the unfair comments he made about Peggy Perkins for her many well-written and highly informative letters to the editor. President Obama often reminded Republican leaders that, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own set of facts." Mr. Winfrey’s letter proves that facts are something he is not concerned about.

Winfrey wrote, “Everything President Trump does is for America’s good.” As of the writing of this letter, over 170,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 on Mr. Trump’s watch — more than any other country. He points out that the president saved many lives by closing our borders to Chinese travelers. If Mr. Winfrey had bothered to do a little research, he would have found that President Trump's singling out people traveling from China was based more on racism than on the spread of the virus.

Research conducted by evolutionary biology specialist Professor Michael Worley, of the University of Arizona, concluded that the first strains of COVID-19 originated from Hubei, China, moved to Italy and then to New York City. However, Donald Trump decided to only ban people from China while travelers from Italy flowed freely into our country spreading the virus.  

As Democrats, we are excited to have candidates for president and vice-president who will put forth policies that speak for all Americans regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation or other differences. Over the years our party has forced out far-right conservatives, bigots, white supremacists, misogynists and flunkies of the rich. Interestingly, when they left the Democratic Party, they were welcomed with open arms by the GOP. It is no accident that members of the KKK and other racist groups have been openly supporting the Trump candidacy as they did recently at Stone Mountain.

Yet Trump has never found time to condemn the KKK and the alt-right despite his thousands of tweets.

Winfrey begins his letter by writing, “Like Suzanne Angle said last month in her letter, I also cannot remain silent about what is happening in our country.”  Let’s talk about it. Since Donald Trump has been elected, the rich have gotten an enormous tax break; the working poor have not gotten a livable wage; we have given up our global leadership on much-needed climate change; there have been greater inequities against minorities and the poor; our health care system is now under siege; the Russians have been having a field day interfering in our elections; and we have racked up the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression! 

Trump is noted for putting children in cages and attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act, denying much-needed health coverage. The number of families facing food insecurity in America has increased abruptly under his administration.

The Democratic Party is the oldest political party in America (founded in 1848). We have matured over the years. I wish I could say that about the Republican Party. 

I remind Mr. Winfrey we are the party that in 1920 introduced the 19th Amendment (women’s suffrage). Ours was the first party to advocate for federal assistance for the elderly. In 1935 our party brought the country the New Deal, the Social Security Act for retirees and benefits for the unemployed. In 1964, Democratic president Lyndon B. Johnson signed the landmark Civil Rights Act, which prohibited segregation in schools, workplaces and public facilities. Democrats also secured laws for voting rights that year. The Affordable Care Act was passed by Democrats in 2010 by President Barack Obama. The Democratic Party advocates for the rights of LGBT citizens. 

America has a lot to thank Democrats for!

Dwight Acey

Chairman, Barrow County Democratic Party

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