Dear Editor:

TFAYD is not enough for our medical teams fighting this virus.

“Thanks for all you do” is faint praise for the people who have held our state’s deaths to just 11,801 out of 870,000 confirmed cases (as of this writing). They and other “essential” workers have put their very lives on the line for all of us.

They have done this without the help of our governor, who has rendered our local governments impotent to protect the citizens of their communities. In so doing, he left it up to individual citizens to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities. We, too, failed. By refusing masks, by insisting on eating out where one cannot wear a mask, by family gatherings, by maskless church, mosque and synagogue attendance. Leadership from our government could have helped prevent the need for this sacrifice. So now we must do more for them.

Since this state’s government values money over lives, let’s at least reward their sacrifices with something tangible. For example: Any hospital medical professional with student loans gets them forgiven immediately. If no student loans, then give each and every one a minimum of $10,000, tax-free.

Yes, those of us couldn’t be bothered to support them by physically distancing, eating at home, doing our own nails and hair and wearing masks at all times when we left our houses, will need to dig deep and do something. After these folks get rewarded, the next set of essentials, like first responders, should be recognized too.

These are my ideas. What are yours?

Cheryl Brownstein


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