Dear Editor:

Forty percent of American coronavirus fatalities have occurred in nursing homes. More than 62,000 residents and staff have perished. 

Now the nursing home industry is lobbying hard for direct government aid, cushy tax breaks and protection against lawsuits. 

Senate Republicans introduced legislation in July that would make it almost impossible for families whose relatives died from neglect or the coronavirus to hold nursing homes accountable in court. The legislation would cleverly apply retroactively to 2019 and extend through 2024. 

This is wrong! Yes, the pandemic had been hard on nursing homes, but the big conglomerates and well-connected fat cats that own many of the long-term care facilities are seeking undeserved help via taxpayer dollars for having long had poor records when it came to safety and staffing, well before the virus hit.

Our elderly and vulnerable in the twilight years of their lives and the staff who work there, many of whom are women of color who view caring for patients as a “calling,” albeit for low wages and little support, deserve better than being sold out for a greedy fat cat’s profit. 

Tell Georgia’s senators that you do not support efforts to allow nursing homes more profit off the plight of the elderly and those who care for them with your vote.

Harper Kindle


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ren buckladn

What Bill is that? Can you provide a reference or bill number?

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