Dear Editor:

As a disabled veteran from the great state of Georgia who served in four post-9/11 tours of duty in the Middle East, I believe it is imperative that Congress pass national voting rights legislation.

There are 4.7 million veterans in this country with a service-connected disability, and for many of us Georgia veterans that means we rely on mail-in or absentee voting to make sure our voices are heard.

Many veterans can’t drive to vote or stand in line for long hours for any number of reasons, and for those of us with PTSD, it’s just not possible to go in-person to a crowded polling place.

Elected officials should be making voting access easier for veterans like me, not more difficult. By passing anti-voter bills, politicians are taking away our right to participate in the democratic system we served and sacrificed to defend.

I hope my senators look carefully at these issues and do whatever it takes to protect our right to vote. Veterans — and indeed our democracy itself — need our elected leaders on our side.

Karen-Nicole "Cole" Knapper


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