Dear Editor:

Many of us have been tied to our houses because of the coronavirus pandemic. I have had a lot of time to garden, Zoom with family and friends and figure out how to shop for food online.

I have also been reading the papers and news magazines, books and watching TV news. What I read and hear from reliable sources is very disturbing. We have been struggling to get COVID-19 under control for six months and we have yet to produce a coordinated, science-driven pandemic attack plan for the entire country?

This is the job of the federal government and the state government. They have failed us badly! But why can't we do as well as many other European and Asian countries? The answer is, once again, politics over people.

What we have is a president who spreads false and misleading information as if it were the truth, and then he attacks his own coronavirus task force because Dr. Fauci is more popular than he. That’s preposterous.

And why hasn’t Gov. Kemp followed and reinforced the CDC guidelines? Mask-wearing is the No. 1 thing we can do to protect ourselves and everyone else. Instead, Kemp is suing the mayor of Atlanta for her right efforts to stem the advance of such a dangerous disease by requiring citizens to wear a mask. A rational, effective and right thing to do.

If a doctor treated me for any condition that had the potential of killing me with the incompetence, lack of concern for my health, and egomania that I see in our president and governor, I would fire him as my doctor and sue him for malpractice.

But I can’t do that until November. So I will continue to help where I can — to write letters, call my representatives and tell them to fix this problem now. I urge my fellow citizens to do the same.

Robert B. Covi, Ph.D.


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