Dear Editor:

Why are millennials more attracted to progressive values of the left than the right’s strict conservatism?

History shows that liberty-loving progressives founded our country and enshrined its freedoms. Dedicated, fair-minded progressives ended slavery and brought women the right to vote. Hardworking progressives fought the goon squads and won workers’ rights such as the eight-hour day, the weekend, health plans and pensions. 

Courageous liberals risked their lives to win civil rights. Caring liberals have made the vulnerable elderly secure with Social Security and healthy with Medicare. Forward-looking progressives have extended education to everyone. Progressives who love the land have been preserving our environment so you can enjoy it. Nobody loves liberty and life more than a liberal. 

Throughout history, conservatives tried to sell all of the aforementioned as communism or socialism. When conservatives say you’re on your own, liberals know we’re all in this together.

To conservatives, patriots do not question the president; political dissent should be criminalized. The greatest testament to one’s love of country to progressives is when one works to improve it through dissent against policies one disagrees with and against leaders who promote those policies. Our first loyalty is to the principles of our democracy and no one is above the law, particularly those representing us.

The president must abide by constitutional limitations on his power and millennials daily see our conservative politicians cede more and more power to our current president and turn a blind eye to his mobster-like tendencies.

Millennials see the House pass a bill authorizing Medicare to negotiate prices with drug companies — saving cancer patients hundreds of dollars, providing insulin for diabetic children and adults — pass on to our conservative-controlled Senate to be immediately labelled “socialism” and killed. Why? Because it doesn’t measure up to the conservative value that government has no responsibility to help people who have fallen behind because it’s their own fault. If you cannot afford medication at the price set by pharmaceutical companies, it’s because you are not disciplined enough to be prosperous and therefore deserve your predicament.

Educated young people can’t buy into the perpetual state of fear of “others” and “them” that conservatives reside.

Today’s conservative party doesn’t appeal to our youth, but hey, they still have old white men on the obituary wait list.

Harper Kindle


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