For more than 200 years, America has been known

around the entire world as freedom’s bastion.

Yes, there have been some pitfalls along the way,

but no group or culture seems excluded today.

Our government is still elected by the people,

and we have free choice about sitting under church steeples.

The entire world is jealous of our standard of living,

and we are unmatched when it comes to charitable giving

More jobs are available than we have people to fill them

and a man has a right to face those who accuse him

An American citizen is still completely free

as long as he respects another man’s liberty.

How could an American citizen be misled

to fall for or vote for a system most of us dread?

Socialism has been tried again and again,

and has always proved itself an unworkable plan.

Oh yes, it may sound good to have everything free,

but that is not the way things turn out to be.

Mankind is not as perfect as could be our wish,

and, as it turns out, most every person is selfish.

When the rich find that taxes take most of their pay,

they either work much less or move away.

When the poor get the notion they are “entitled,”

they either work less or remain completely idle.

The overhead of the bureaucratic government

continues to grow and take a larger percent.

With government expense increased and income lessened,

individual finances are greatly worsened.

Sooner or later, as occurred in Venezuela,

the head of the government becomes a virtual dictator.

The people of Venezuela rose up in mass

and appointed a new leader to bring things to pass.

When citizens of Venezuela revolted against Maduro’s rule,

Russian and Chinese leaders soon made him their tool.

Now those who breathe aloud a derisive breath.

might face severe punishment, or, perhaps, even death.

Socialism and communism have no place for God.

As “opiate of the people,” He is Ichabod.

Before you vote for socialism, (please hear what I say),

consider all the freedoms you have in the USA.

© 2020,cbs

Dr. CB Skelton is a retired Winder physician and author of several books.

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