Our President has undergone an impeachment trial,

and a decision has been reached.

The results have caused Democrats to smile –

Our President Has Been Impeached.

One purpose they hoped the impeachment would gain,

before the election is held in 2020,

is that President Trump’s name would receive a stain

that would lower his reelection chance by plenty.

Naturally, some folks heard the sordid news,

and planned to scratch Trump’s name off of their ballot.

Others observed the process they had viewed,

and deemed it to be grossly unfair, and shallow.

The impeachment followed a process heretofore unknown,

and most observers agreed it made no sense.

Witnesses were allowed for the prosecution alone.

No chance was given for the President’s defense.

Most witnesses swore to only opinion and hearsay,

things not allowed in any court we know.

One direct witness to the Ukraine phone call that day

swore the President did not ask for a quid pro quo.

Every day of their impeachment fiasco

Democrat approval dropped a little lower.

Meanwhile, conversely, and probably ipso facto,

President Trump’s approval went up somewhat higher.

Every painter who has ever dealt with stain

knows you must always keep complete control.

One drip here, another drop there can cause you pain.

If you drop the whole pail, God rest your soul.

© 2020, cbs

Dr. CB Skelton is a retired Winder physician and author of several books.

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