“Mr. Innkeeper, do you remember

the events we celebrate in December

when, to give Him a room, you were not able,

and the Christ child was born in a stable?”

“How could you think I could ever forget?

The thought of that night runs in my mind yet.

So many people were in our town,

there seemed hardly room to turn around.

They were here for paying their taxes,

a time when almost no one relaxes.

“This young man rushed in, an expectant father,

very excited and all in a dither.

He told me about his terrible plight,

and said he had to have shelter that night.

He told me his wife was not one to complain,

and she had already begun her pains.

“I said ‘I have no rooms, but I might be able

to give her some shelter in one of our stables.

You would at least have a roof o’er your head,

and there is plenty of straw for making a bed.’

He accepted my offer and went on his way,

and I heard nothing more from him that day.

“I chalked it up as a mission accomplished,

but that night was so bright, my sleep was abolished.

I looked out my window and saw a bright star

lighting all areas both near and far.

I slipped on my clothes and flew down the stairs.

(I don’t think anyone knew I was there.)

“The baby had been born and laid in a manger.

He was wrapped in clean cloth strips. He was not in danger.

Some shepherds arrived about the time I got there.

Of course, they were filthy and had long tousled hair,

but His parents heard their story of hearing angels sing

and proclaiming this newborn would become the Jews’ king.

“Before I had a chance to talk to them,

his parents were gone, and had taken Him.

Several months later, someone mentioned

that star had caught some wise men's attention.

They followed it to the place where the young child lay,

and brought precious gifts to Him that day

A few years later, through the synagogue grapevine,

I heard that many accepted Him as divine..

“About three years later at a meeting of our synod,

I heard that up Calvary’s hill He had trod.

At the Jews insistence, He was crucified

and the crucifying soldier said,

‘Truly, He was the Son of God.’”

© 2019, cbs

Dr. CB Skelton is a retired Winder physician and author of several books.

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