The Bible says God knows you by your name, 

and He even knows the number of hairs on your head. 

Atheists say that notion is insane, 

and a huge "Big Bang" started it all instead.  

In the musical, Sound of Music©, Maria sings, 

"Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could." 

In order for something to come from nothing, 

it would require a self-creating being, a God.  

The sheer magnitude of creation is an argument 

that the Creator had a vast amount of intelligence. 

Mankind cannot even see creation's limits or scope 

using his most advanced radar telescopes.  

The order of the orbits for planets and constellations 

could not have been established without supreme cerebration. 

All the laws to guide its course were firmly in place 

before a planet or constellation was hurled into space.  

The integration and location of all human systems,

and how their functions are integrated in common 

could not have occurred without a well-thought-out plan, 

far beyond the capacity of mere, mortal man.  

The manufacture of complex enzymes and hormones 

by the human body could not happen by chance alone. 

The odds against this happening are so very high 

that to write the number on clouds would fill the whole sky.  

The process of childbirth defies a happenstance. 

A human sperm penetrates an egg (perhaps by chance). 

Both egg and sperm are formed by cell division, 

so one complete cell results from the two in union.  

Rapid cell division builds up an amount of tissue 

until an unknown force has an order issued 

that different portions of the blob make a body part: 

a lung, a brain, a foot, a kidney, a heart.  

It defies all logic and all the precepts of math 

that enough conceptions could follow this intricate path 

with such few errors, and to populate the earth 

with 7-plus billion people by this process called birth.    

In Isaiah 4:3, God laid the claim, 

You are mine. I have called you by name. 

And, indeed, He has tattooed each cell in your tissue 

with chromosomes that only you have in issue.  

By laying His claim on every person in the land, 

and by placing on each His personal brand, 

God proves His existence is much more than just fable. 

Mr. Atheist, prove me wrong if you are able. 

© 2020, cbs

Dr. CB Skelton is a retired Winder physician and author of several books.

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Chris Shull

This is a tired ex nihilo argument. If nothing can come from nothing, what did god come from?

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